Dear Delegates, Team Captains,

Here are registration forms for the 19th MLAIC European Championships. Please try to help our work with keeping the deadlines.

Best regards,

Gianmario Delvò

President of CNDA


Summary of Deadlines

Form E-2 Preliminary Entry form – Individual events 2nd May 2020  
Form E-4 Preliminary Entry form – Team and Individual Competitions 2nd May 2020  
Form A-2 – Individual Firearms Declaration Form 20th June 2020  
Form E-1 Final Entry Form 20th June 2020 1st July 2020
Form F-1 Final Entry Form – Inspection and Arbitration 20th June 2020  
Form F-2 Final Entry form – Powder, Caps and lead shot 20th June 2020 1st July 2020
Form E-3 Final Entry Form – Individual Competitions 27th June 2020  
Form A-1 Final Entry Form – Media Accreditation 1st August 2020  
Form E-4.1 Final Entry Form – Team Competitions 15th August 2020  
Form F-3 Data management authorization 22 August 2020  

Bank Information

Account Holder : Confederazione Nazionale Degli Archibugieri – CNDA

Adress: via Sandro Pertini, 2 – 26030 – Solarolo Rainerio – Cremona – Italy

Bank: Cassa Rurale ed Artigiana di Rivarolo Mantovano – Filiale di Piadena

IBAN: IT11 E087 7005 8400 0000 0211 979